Top 10 Quiche Recipes

To 10 quiche recipes

To 10 quiche recipes

When I was asked to list my favorite quiche recipes I was surprised to find that I’d actually already published 40 of my quiche recipes on the site.

I love experimenting with different ingredients when I bake a quiche. I only share my successful recipes with you, so in a way all the recipes on this site are my favorites. I’m really enjoying sharing my quiche recipes with you.

It’s been quite hard to pick my top 10 quiche recipes and this list may change as I experiment and add new recipes. For many the recipes below I also provide several variations to the basic recipe.

My Top 10 Quiche Recipes

Vegetable quiche

Vegetable quiche is my all-time favorite quiche. Frankly I often make a quiche using whatever vegetables happen to have at hand. Very rarely have I had a vegetable quiche that didn’t turn out delicious.

This is my favorite vegetarian quiche recipe but do experiment around the basic recipe provide.

Link: Vegetable quiche recipe

Cheese quiche

This is my favorite cheese quiche recipe. Cheese is a great source of vitamins and this quiche tastes fantastic. I’ve also included instructions for using nutritional yeast in the recipe as a substitute for cheese.

Link: Cheese quiche recipe

Mushroom quichemushroom quiche

Mushrooms go well with just about anything and they are of my favorite ingredients for making quiche. I really like the texture that mushrooms add. Mushrooms make a great alternative to meat. These mushroom quiche recipes are very versatile and easy to make.

Link: Mushroom quiche recipe

Asparagus quiche

Asparagus is nutrient rich and delicious. This is a quick and easy recipe for delicious Asparagus quiche. This also includes advice on choosing and storing Asparagus.

Link: Asparagus quiche recipe



Spinach quiche

You can use either fresh or frozen spinach in this quick and easy recipe. Everyone knows that spinach is good for you making a great ingredient to use in a quiche.

Link: Spinach quiche recipe

Mini quiche

Mini quiche’s are fun and so versatile. There are great for snacks and children’s lunch packs. This is my recipe for quick and easy mini quiche, but the only real difference is that many quiche’s are made using small tins instead of pie dishes.

Link: Mini quiche recipe

Crustless quiche

I love crustless quiche for a change and also because crustless quiche is low in fat and low in calories. The great thing about crustless quiche is that you get great tasting quiche but with far fewer calories.

Link: Crustless quiche recipe

Broccoli QuicheBroccoli quiche

This is my favorite broccoli quiche recipe .Most people love broccoli and is rich in vitamins A and C. Broccoli is also a good source of fibre and calcium.

Link: Broccoli quiche recipe

Breakfast quiche

Breakfast quiche can be prepared ahead of time and eaten hot or cold. It makes a great alternative to meat for breakfast or brunch.

Link: Breakfast quiche recipe

Do let me know what your favorite quiche recipeis in the comments section below.


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