Rice Crust Quiche

Easy Quiche Rice Crust Recipe

Rice Crust Quiche

Rice Crust Quiche

Rice crust quiche is a variation of the quiche crust recipe that adds texture to the quiche, and is very easy to make.

Almost everyone enjoys quiche and quiche is easy to make, but it is great to be able to add variety to your cooking.  Rice crust quiche is simple to make and transforms the taste and texture of your quiche.

Instead of pressing the dough crust into the baking dish, rice, vegetarian cheese and egg are used to make the crust, and the filling is poured on top to bake.  Brown rice is rich in fiber, loaded with minerals and vitamins, and adds a different texture to the quiche.  Below, is a quick and easy recipe for a rice quiche crust.

Rice Crust Quiche Ingredients:

2 cups cooked brown rice

¼ cup cheese, grated. I like to use Greek Graviera cheese or Gruyere cheese

1 egg, or egg substitute

Rice Crust Quiche Directions:

Mix the rice, cheese, and egg in a bowl

Press the rice mixture evenly into an 8-inch, or 9-inch pie plate (should be approximately ¼ inch thick)

Bake in preheated 450 degree oven for 5-7 minutes, or until the edges and bottom start turning golden

After the rice crust is golden brown, remove and cool.  Fill the rice crust with the vegetarian quiche filling of your choice, and enjoy a delicious, and very healthy alternative to dough crust for quiche.

Rice Crust Quiche variations

Making quiche is fun, because there are endless combinations to create using vegetables and seasonings that you enjoy.  Being able to prepare them ahead for parties in the tart form is great, and being able to serve it for any meal, knowing that it is nutritional is even better!

Rice crust quiche is a great tasting and different variation of quiche that is very tasty and easy to make so do give it rice crust quiche a try next time you bake a quiche!

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